Real Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, The

Real Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, The
Earth Computer Pretends To Be "The Hitchhiker's Guide"
Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, The Real
Origins Of The Guide
Article Writing Guide For Field Researchers And Guide Editors

Alexander Lachlan McLintock


"The Real Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy" is a computer-based encyclopedia which runs on David Hodges' ex-Atari. The entries to this guide have been written by science fiction fans from all over the world over several years.

The entries are on topics humorous to the Hitchhiker / Doctor Who / Blake's 7 / science fiction / fantasy / telefantasy fans. There is no restriction on entry. As long as Dave thinks it is half-funny, and he can be bothered to type it, it goes in. There are entries on Sex, Towels, Bugblatter Beasts of Traal, Universities, Exams, and many other topics.

David takes his computer to science fiction conventions on invitation and traditionally produces a printout of the guide for auction (proceeds go to the convention charity). The convention goers can consult the (computer) guide at their leisure, accompanied by sounds from the tv series. The printout is, of course, yours to peruse at your leisure, in bed, in the bath, during free fall sex, or whatever.

Over 20 printouts exist. Not bad considering that each one takes around a day to print, on draft, on a standard micro printer. There are some 1000+ entries, each being a screen of text. Printouts are now done on a laser printer.

Four printouts that I have heard about have sold for:

          66 pounds at Leeds University.
          30 pounds sterling -- bought by Imperial Science Fiction Society.
          18 pounds.
          42 pounds and 42 pence -- bought by Massy Harper, also of
             Imperial College.

No electronic copies of the guide are produced as this would result in many pirated copies, removing the exclusivity of the guide, and invalidating its usefulness to charity.


The occasional entry quoting material in the Hitchhikers' trilogy has been allowed by Douglas Adams. There is a signed statement from DNA saying so (It is displayed prominently, along with other signatures of famous people who have read some of the Guide). The purpose of the Guide is only to raise money for charity, and not to make oodles of money for anyone else. This does not mean that the Guide is a version of any of these books/TV/radio series. (It isn't.)

Send Mail To:

David Hodges' Guide has, by the way, nothing to do with any Guide currently on the internet such as those discussed in alt.galactic-guide. If you wish to write an entry for the Guide (eg. the one you were about to send to or, please send it to Dave at:

David Hodges
68 Gotch Rd
Barton Seagrave
NN15 6UQ
United Kingdom

Please note that no copies of this guide are sent out via post. This would cost a fortune and be far too much trouble.

By the way, the computer was based on an Atari but has been moved into a metal travelling case to protect the hard-disks and prototype hardware supplied by various companies. It has been to the Ukraine in the former USSR and back so it must be pretty tough.

The all new guide is Microsoft Windows based, and is looking for humourous entries -- both text, graphics and sound. contact or for details of submission formats.

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Earth Computer Pretends To Be "The Hitchhiker's Guide"
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Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, The Real
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